Travel Tips for Vacationing with Babies

We all love to take time to get away from the stresses of life to enjoy a vacation. Many people think that if they have a baby or very young children, they can no longer take a vacation. Traveling with babies can be made much easier by planning and implementing measures that will make your vacation fun and relaxing.

A Last Escape Before Baby Makes Three

Vacationing when pregnant, or the babymoon, is a great way to enjoy the remaining time of life as a couple. Many couples decide to book a getaway to celebrate, relax and enjoy their last diaper-free break for a while. The best time to travel while pregnant is during the second trimester, weeks 14 to 27. By then, morning sickness should have abated, energy levels should be higher and you should be feeling "blooming". After that, while Canadian airlines will accept you for travel right up to the final weeks of your pregnancy, there's a good chance that you'll be keener to rest more than travel. Plus, there's a greater chance of premature labor in the final weeks.

When to Go: You'll want heat, but not too much heat, lots of comfort, good food and relaxation. Stick to familiar vacation spots - you'll need to feel confident that the food and environs will suit you. This is no time for surprises. Florida and the Caribbean are favoured destinations for a babymoon, but there are plenty of beautiful spots in our own backyard - Vancouver Island, Toronto and Ontario's West Coast, Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia...

What to Wear: Your loosest clothes and lots of layers. Make sure there's plenty of space in your clothing in case junior undergoes a growth spurt. If you're visiting a sun spot take a heavy-duty sunscreen - mom-to-be skin can be extra sensitive. Pack too your favorite snacks and over-the-counter medicine. Don't forget your medical notes - just in case.

Traveling With Babies

Traveling with a baby can help him or her experience new environments and encourages family bonding. The following tips will help you have a better travel experience with your baby.

Location: Make sure you choose an appropriate destination for a baby. Research destinations by using the internet and traveler reviews. Family-orientated travel guides are useful. Babies will not enjoy too much heat or cold.

Enlist Baby Travel Services: There are online baby supply companies who will deliver changing, feeding, and bathing supplies your baby will need while away from home, to any worldwide travel destination. You can shop for all the supplies your baby will need for traveling without leaving your home.

Travel Assistance Insurance: Obtaining travel insurance will ensure that your baby will receive proper medical care in case of an illness or injury. Coverage should include the ability to fly home if treatment is required in the US

Family Friendly Vacation: There are baby and toddler friendly resorts and hotels that cater to families. Make sure that where you stay has appropriate baby supplies such as a crib and highchair.

Allow Baby to Adjust to New Environment: Maintain a routine with familiar food, toys, and blanket. The baby should not receive too much stimulation within the first couple of days. They should rest and get use to the new environment.

Vacationing with babies can be a fun experience for parents. It is important to remember that it is a vacation, so adults should take time each day to relax. With a little planning and preparation, you and your baby will have a great vacation.


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